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Create a peaceful mix for yourself

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Amazing Sleep Experience

With Peaceful Sounds, we promise you an amazing sleep experience.

Create Your Own Mix

You can create your personal mix and choose what you want to listen.

Hundreds of Sounds

Choose your music and sounds from hundreds of options.

App for EveryOne

Some excellent features of the Peaceful Sounds application:

  • Set your mind free and fall into a deep sleep
  • Soothe your baby by lullabies and white noises that remind mother's womb sounds where your infant feels completely safe.
  • Soothe your babies and play some baby sleep music to make them fall asleep easily.
  • Rest your mind after a long and tiring day
  • Concentrate on your work and avoid distractions
  • Make great music with different musical instruments,
  • Turn your ordinary environment into a magical ambiance with romantic melodies
  • Unwind while traveling on a plane (aviophobia)
  • Ignore disturbing noises like neighbourhood noises, snoring etc.
  • Take a quick nap.


Excellent Features

Lay back and discover the magical world of relaxing sounds and features:

  • Feel the Fire!

    Explore the perfect harmony of fire and water (Camp Fire, Ocean, Rainfall, Waves and more)

  • Let Yourself Out

    Lose yourself in beautiful sounds of nature (Wind, Under Water, Lightning and more)

  • Create Your Mix

    Colour your mixes with amazing sound of Animals (Dolphin, Birds, Crickets and more)

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  • You Got the Power

    Use the power of White Noise, Brown Noise and Pink Noise

  • Hundreds of Options

    Create your own mix from BEST CONTENT in 13 categories & 101 sound effects

  • Adjust Your Level

    Adjust the volume of each sound to find the right balance for your mix